Brain Injury

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A brain injury can be devastating. Sometimes the injuries are slight and other times they are so serious that even the most basic everyday functions cannot be performed. Regardless of how serious the injury, quality of life is compromised for the long-term and that warrants a need to hold the responsible party accountable for the financial damage done as a result of the accident.

In order to hold the party accountable, you will need an experienced St. Paul personal injury attorney by your side every step of the way. You need an attorney who cares about your needs, future, and your overall well-being. At Tilton and Dunn, PLLP, you receive all of those things and more.

Helping You Find Justice

Many brain injuries are preventable, as they occur in automobile crashes and other violent accidents. In the case of automobile accidents, traumatic brain injuries are preventable simply by all individuals on the roads taking the proper precautions. When a person is responsible for another person’s traumatic brain injury, they can be held legally and financially liable.

What we do is work with you to hold them financially liable. If they committed a crime that led to the injury, then the court system will automatically deal with them on the criminal side of the matter. We deal with them on the financial side by first negotiating with the insurance company to achieve a settlement. If the settlement is not what is needed, per your instructions, we can proceed to trial so that a jury can decide the appropriate amount.

While trial means it will be more time before any money is received, there is the possibility that a jury will award more. Your attorney will give you the advice you need to make a decision.

Compassionate And Trustworthy Representation

When you have us represent you, you will find that our Twin Cities injury attorneys are highly compassionate and trustworthy. Your attorney will remain by your side and not push you off on someone else. You can expect focus and dedication, as well as answers to your questions when you have them. Any time choices come about, you will find that you will be adequately informed so you can make the right choice for you. This helps you reach a conclusion that you can be happy with.

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A brain injury is devastating because it affects quality of life. It can interfere with everything from the ability to walk and talk to getting dressed in the mornings. If you or a loved one has received a brain injury in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, it is time to talk to an attorney. Call Tilton and Dunn, PLLP for a free consultation at 651-224-7687.