What Is The Most Rewarding Aspect Of Your Law Practice

Some firms use their website to brag about specific amounts of money that they have recovered for their clients in particular cases. We do not do that here. This is because the vast majority of our personal injury work is in the field of medical negligence. For many years, it has been an established practice in the medical negligence field for virtually every settlement of any value to be declared “confidential”. That is increasingly true in other practice areas as well. Confidentiality can mean different things in different circumstances. In virtually every case it forbids the parties to publicly name the litigants or associate the litigants with a particular money settlement. For some settlements “anonymous” reporting is permitted, which means that the general results can be reported to specialized legal publications, as long as any information that could identify the parties is excluded. In an increasing number of circumstances, settlement confidentiality requires that the parties are forbidden even from declaring that a settlement occurred, regardless of whether or not the parties are identified, and without any ability to reference the amount of settlement.

What we can say about the results we have obtained for clients is this we do know that the results we obtain for our clients are consistently higher than the average results obtained for similarly-situated persons with similarly-situated injuries represented by average other lawyers, based upon the limited information that is available concerning types of claims, types of injuries, and amounts of settlements. We have consistently made recoveries on behalf of clients in amounts denoted as “seven figures” i.e., between $1 million and $10. We even have multiple results on behalf of clients in the “eight-figure range, i.e., in excess of $10 million.

Also of interest might be an article that appeared in the article, “Parallel Bars: Twin Cities Legal Eagles Could Easily Fill the Roles of TV’s Popular Law Firm Shows, Ally Mcbeal and The Practice, St. Paul Pioneer Press, November 30, 1999. As the article notes, this was at the time when the leading legal show on television was “The Practice”, starring Dylan McDermott as the character of Bobby Donnell, as the founder and senior partner of the law firm featured on the program. The Pioneer Press assembled a panel who picked those members of the Minnesota legal community who, in their opinion, were most similar to Bobby Donnell and the other characters on “The Practice” television program. That panel, which included reporters, Appellate and Supreme Court judges, and active lawyers, chose Bill Tilton as the Minnesota lawyer most similar to Bobby Donnell, the senior partner of the firm in “The Practice”.

If you have a good claim, determining its value is a process that involves many factors and sometimes many months of factual development. If you have a good case with notable injuries, it is quite likely that settlement will be done confidentially. If you have a good case with notable injuries, and if you hire Tilton and Dunn, P.L.L.P., to represent you, it is guaranteed that you will have seasoned professionals working to get you the best resolution possible.