When I started my career in 1991 as a professional nurse, I was energetic and enthusiastic. As I experienced profound empathy, I knew that I had chosen the right career. As the years passed, vicariously I witnessed some of the worst human physiological and psychological human conditions. I remained passionate and had a reputation as a caring and compassionate nurse. In 2009, I complained about a fellow worker’s conduct. In retaliation, this employee accused me of tampering with a controlled substance and false documentation in the medical log book to cover up the incident.

I had to stand before the Minnesota Board of Nursing to answer to the alleged charges. William Tilton, Attorney at Law, represented me as I faced losing my nursing license and possible criminal/federal charges of tampering with a controlled substance. William Tilton discovered that I made the correct entry on the medical log book and that the incident of the controlled substance was unfounded. William Tilton saved my career and restored my good reputation. The Minnesota Board of Nursing records all complaints regardless of the outcome. The Minnesota Board of Nursing found that my case was so egregious and unfair that my case was not recorded. If it were not for William Tilton I would have lost my nursing license. William Tilton is a skillful attorney, a fighter for justice and an outstanding humanitarian.

Thanks you so much,

Antoinette P. Lee


My high regards for such a great team of professionals, who each knew their part and worked so well with us with a successful outcome. They always kept me in the flow while working with me on my case. I have come to respect and admire the hard work, time, and dedication it takes to make a case and get the final resolution and pleased when the smallest detail was not over looked to my benefit. I recommend this law team with the highest regard. Their background and years of experience shines though. Tilton and Dunn, PLLP is the law office I have used and gone back to.

Cynthia N.


We have been clients of the lawyers in the firm Tilton and Dunn, PLLP for over twenty years. I highly recommend George Dunn, Bill Tilton and their staff to anyone needing a lawyer. Their expertise, professionalism, versatility and integrity mark their firm as one of the best in the Twin Cities. Both my husband and I have the utmost respect and trust for them both.

Barb and David Tilsen

I would trust these folks with my life, or with my kids lives. In fact, I am sure I have.

David Tilsen


Our experience with Tilton and Dunn, PLLP was our first time ever having to meet with an attorney for anything. Their true concern for our situation of not only what had happened to us, but how it would affect us in the future, was evident from our first meeting. The attention to detail, preparation and response to all of our questions was exactly what I had hoped for. Throughout the process they would keep us informed, give us advice, but ultimately let us decide what we wanted to do as they understand they are working not only with you, but for you. I would recommend Tilton and Dunn, PLLP to anyone that thinks they may need the help of an attorney, and I feel they would let you know if they could help you or not.

Robert N


In 2005 I was admitted to United Hospital for a minor surgery for a 24 to 48 hour stay. I woke up about a week later to find I had been admitted to ICU with a tracheostomy tube in my throat that I was breathing through. When I asked what happened I was told the trach tube was necessary to keep me alive. I wanted to know what caused it to be necessary. I received all kinds of answers, but none answered what I was asking. After discharge I found I could no longer work in my field as a nurse because of conflict between my need for the trach tube and hospital infection control practices. I still needed answers, and I still needed to work, so I tried to find an attorney who could get me the answers I needed, and to find how a minor procedure could have such major consequences. I spoke to 4 attorneys who could not take the case for some reason or other, 2 of these attorneys advertise on television 24 hours a day, each told me I did not have a case. Another wanted 5 thousand dollars just to look into the matter, which I could not afford since I had been out of work and had been living off my savings. The 5th could not take the case because one of his partners had defended the surgeon, a conflict of interest, a 6th attorney could not take the case because one of his in-laws was the surgeon’s patient. But he recommended I call Bill Tilton and I said I would, but did not. By now I felt I was getting the runaround, and they were all in this together, Then one day the attorney called me to find out why I had not gone to see Mr. Tilton. I told him I was trying to move beyond the incident and I realized I was getting pushed from one place to another. He asked me to please call Mr. Tilton, so I did. I met Bill Tilton later that week. I found him to be sincere and easy to talk to, and even if he found he could not help me I was happy to know him. He went to work right away and found that the statute of limitations was about to run out on my case, so he quickly filed the papers necessary, and then decided to look into the case. Bill kept me totally informed about the case and also said I could call him at any time if I had questions. Also Bill knew what questions to ask. He determined my surgeon had been negligent and set about to prove it. Later I found out he knew more about the surgical procedure than I who had been a nurse for 25 years. It took a while and at times I was a wreck, but Bill made sure I was kept informed and if he was out I could depend on Karen, Nicole, Kelly, George or Michael to hold my hand. I had found an entire family at Tilton and Dunn, PLLP. It took lots of legal back and forth, but eventually my case settled out of court, and I am very pleased with everything. Finally I could put this behind me and was able to make up for the material things I had lost; and I was able to help my grandchildren with their educations. Bill and his gang will always be a part of my life, to love them forever.


Lee Christenson


We are a healthcare consulting firm that has been a client of Tilton and Dunn, PLLP since we began in 1999. The advice and support provided to us by George Dunn and the team has been an integral element to our growth and continued success. It always amazes me, when we do work for a Fortune 100 company with armies of attorneys, that George is able to work with them to modify agreements and work orders to ensure that our interests are best represented and protected. Tilton and Dunn, PLLP are trusted members of our business family. Good attorneys make for good business.

James Jorgenson, RPh, MS, FASHP
CEO, Visante Inc.


Tilton and Dunn, PLLP have represented me on multiple occasions over the past twenty years. Their attorneys are good people, very approachable and excellent listeners. They are resourceful and knowledgeable and their evaluations and recommendations in every situation were easy to understand and spot on. My best interest was their chief concern. They are aggressive when needed, and in every instance they were able to obtain the outcome I was hoping for without resorting to a court trial. I could not be happier with their work and I am grateful for their help. They get results and I highly recommend them.

Jim Kollitz. MD and Gayle Mattson Kollitz


Bill, George and staff are not just considered my lawyers, but a part of my family. They have worked on several matters for me, including a will/trust, a last minute business contract, and a complicated employment matter. In each of these instances, they provided dedicated service and compassion and gave me sound legal advice. The entire office has been outstanding to deal with and patient in answering my endless questions, no matter how trivial. The level of dedication to their clients is unparalleled and the breadth of matters they are able to handle truly makes them a standout law firm in the Twin Cities.

Brandi Bennett


I am a double board certified surgeon who has had an unpleasant exchange or two with nurses and administration during my career, plus an out of hospital incident or two did not help. As an African American, I was also fighting the police who had basically assaulted me. In spite of all of the negatives, the team that Bill Tilton assembled was able to clear my name allowing me to get on with my life. If you are a doctor or other professional and are having trouble with privileges, credentialing, vetting, or other employment process issues, I strongly suggest you at least hear what Mr. Tilton and his team have to offer. They are thorough, professional, and effective.

Jon Larson MD, Diplomat ABS, ABTS