When I started my career in 1991 as a professional nurse, I was energetic and enthusiastic. As I experienced profound empathy, I knew that I had chosen the right career. As the years passed, vicariously I witnessed some of the worst human physiological and psychological human conditions. I remained passionate and had a reputation as a caring and compassionate nurse. In 2009, I complained about a fellow worker’s conduct. In retaliation, this employee accused me of tampering with a controlled substance and false documentation in the medical log book to cover up the incident.

I had to stand before the Minnesota Board of Nursing to answer to the alleged charges. William Tilton, Attorney at Law, represented me as I faced losing my nursing license and possible criminal/federal charges of tampering with a controlled substance. William Tilton discovered that I made the correct entry on the medical log book and that the incident of the controlled substance was unfounded. William Tilton saved my career and restored my good reputation. The Minnesota Board of Nursing records all complaints regardless of the outcome. The Minnesota Board of Nursing found that my case was so egregious and unfair that my case was not recorded. If it were not for William Tilton I would have lost my nursing license. William Tilton is a skillful attorney, a fighter for justice and an outstanding humanitarian.

Thanks you so much,