My introduction to the law firm of Tilton and Dunn, PLLP (specifically Bill Tilton) was a result of an inconceivable tragedy that affected our family. On April 11, 2000, my wife, Sharon V. Williams, and mother of our children Tenisha and Jahron suffered an anoxic neurological injury following a successful hysterectomy. It was later determined through extensive discovery and investigation by Tilton and Dunn, PLLP that morphine administration in the recovery room resulted in respiratory and subsequent cardiac arrest. By the time that Sharon was discovered and resuscitated, the lack of oxygen to her brain had caused diffuse irreversible brain damage.

The hospital attempted to cover up that their recovery room nurse had overdosed Sharon with morphine, failed to connect her monitoring device properly and finally proceeded to leave the recovery room for an extensive period of time with total disregard for her safety and well being. It was only through persistent and undeterred determination that discovery eventually revealed what had actually occurred. The hospital conducted peer review meetings which were designed to ensure that the truth was never revealed. Notwithstanding their efforts, Bill Tilton found out the critical facts and correlated the same with the critical issues which resulted in a successful legal result.

Although Tilton and Dunn, PLLP is a law firm, some of the most important contributions made by the firm were not legal but moral and ethical. The staff provided comprehensive services such as interviewing all possible nursing homes in the State for possible residency, assisting with identifying the best doctors for subsequent treatment and assisting with budgeting for future treatments, training and traveling. They were also critical in checking on the needs, cares and concerns of the entire Williams family.

If you simply need a lawyer, many can and will do. However if you need a comprehensive team comprised of a variety of professionals offering specific care and expertise to assist you and your family, YOU NEED Tilton and Dunn, PLLP!