I am writing this note of recognition as a long time St. Paul resident and executive within the medical device industry. As such, quality (of life) and caring are fundamental, life-shaping values in our family’s personal and professional lives. In the simplest of terms, access to individuals and groups that raise “the bar” is an important metric.

The Team at Tilton and Dunn, PLLP is exceptional. A fellow attorney’s referral led us to this formidable group to address a relative’s unfortunate legal circumstance. Uniquely, our engagement with the firm required an awareness of cross-cultural and language intricacies. The Tilton and Dunn, PLLP attorneys demonstrated the highest client regard and professionalism. Their well-founded legal experience was keenly tempered by a sincere and empathetic grasp of the person. We were not just another player in their busy practice.

As to the case particulars, Tilton and Dunn, PLLP provided all sides of the legal matter with noteworthy integrity. And as the facts were revealed, their vision and guidance to resolution were of the highest quality. All of this was executed with a keen awareness of the client and his understanding of the legal complexities.

The quality of work and the extension of care-filled guidance truly make Tilton and Dunn, PLLP a provider that raises the bar for its clients and our State’s and nation’s special system of law. Thank you Mr. Tilton, Mr. Dunn and your team for your special interest and efforts on our behalf.

Best Regards,