After being turned down by over 10 different law firms, I was just about ready to give up. My husband and father of our two young children had just died after a prolonged hospitalization stemming from complications due to a ruptured ulcer. I knew his death was caused by medical malpractice but being rejected by so many law firms was filling me with doubt, especially after one prominent Minneapolis med mal attorney reviewed my husband’s records and talked with my husband’s treating surgeon, but then turned us down. I was exhausted. I was ready to quit. But then I decided to place one more call to the law firm of Tilton and Dunn. When I made that call, I first spoke with Mike Gross. Even though I told Mike I had been turned down by other law firms, Mike listened to my story. He agreed to review my husband’s medical records. He met with my husband’s treating surgeon (the same one the other attorney met with), and Mike consulted with medical experts. After doing those things, Bill, George, and Mike agreed to take on my case. I am so happy that I made the call to Tilton and Dunn. Their attention to detail found things no one else had taken the time to investigate. Bill, George and Mike along with their entire staff treated me with compassion and dignity. I am very satisfied with the outcome they were able to obtain for us. I would wholeheartedly tell anyone to seek counsel with the law firm of Tilton and Dunn, particularly if they have a claim involving issues of medical malpractice.